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General Homework Help Tips for Parents

General Homework Help Tips for Parents
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  • Give your child enough materials to do their homework
If your child needs specific books, dictionaries, or materials, make sure that they have them. Paper, pencils, and school workbooks are a must.
  • Provide a special homework spot
This place should be quiet and have good lighting. It is especially good if there are no distractions like a lot of people or a television in the room. It’s especially good if your child can do their homework in a place where they don’t do things like eating or playing.
  • Provide a special homework time
This is to help your child manage their time well. If they know that at a certain time they do their homework, it’s less stressful for them. Try to avoid doing it just before bedtime, as this is not the best time for them to retain information.
  • Let them know that homework is important
The way you feel about your child’s homework influences their attitudes greatly. If you think that homework should be valuable and fun, your child probably will as well.
  • Show them your homework
If your child is doing important work, then you can join them. Set aside some time for yourself to learn something new as your child is, or pay your bills while your child is doing their math homework. If your child is doing homework in the spot where Mommy or Daddy is doing grown-up homework it can lead to improved concentration.
  • When the teacher asks, be involved
When your child has a project from their teacher that you need to play a role in, do it enthusiastically. Show that you and their teachers are working together. This provides important continuity between schoolwork and homework.
  • When the assignment is for them, let them do it
If your child becomes too dependent on you to always be involved in every homework assignment, then helping your child with homework can become counter-productive.
  • Don’t give answers, show them the way forward
When your child gets stuck with a difficult question, don’t finish it for them. Instead, try to show them the way to the answer by asking questions that lead them to finding the correct solution by themselves.
  • Understand the context
Make sure that you are involved with what is going on in the classroom, and try to reinforce what is being taught there. Talk to your child’s teacher – this will make you better informed and better able to help your child with their assignment.
  • Do the hard stuff first
This isn’t just about understanding the difference between hard and easy assignments – it’s also for you to understand where your child is having an easier or harder time individually. Have them do the harder stuff first – it reinforces good work habits and makes sure that they are fresher and more alert for the homework assignments that they have trouble with.
  • Don’t be too harsh
Understand that homework can be a frustrating experience for your child and if they are failing or getting angry, let them take a short break. Talk about something else, and let them come back when their mood has improved a bit.
  • Reward progress instead of punishing failure
If your child does their homework well and consistently, give them a special treat to let them know that their effort has been worth it. This positive reinforcement of doing a good job will encourage them to try harder in the future.
  • Be understanding
Letting your child sometimes express their frustration with the amount of homework they have can be a good way to get them in the proper frame of mind to accept your suggestions. Let them know that you sympathize with them and then offer your suggestions gently.
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  • Evan Haridy says:

    Great tips for the parents to help children in their homework. It is very necessary for the parents to not to push harder their children and not to make their students too much fully depend on them. If sometimes, problem arises parents must not hesitate to help their children. Some apps and online tutoring websites are available for the students to help them in tough assignment topics.

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