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Terms of use

Your use of this Website constitutes your agreement with the Terms and Conditions as stated below. If you disagree with any of these Terms and Conditions, do not use this Website.

If you are an underage person, you are not allowed to access or use this Website. You further acknowledge and agree that you must be of legal age to purchase any of our products or services available on this website.

By submitting the order form and/or payment, you confirm that you have fully read, understood and agreed to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions, which form the entire agreement between and You.


In this document:

“Website” means

“Customer”, “You” or “Yours” mean and refer to you and/or any other person submitting the Order to the Website on your behalf.

“Company”, “We” or “Our” mean and refer to

“Product” – an original essay, paper, and/or other written Product that is drafted and delivered to the Customer in accordance with his/her Order.

“Order” means a written order of a standard electronic form that is filled and submitted online by the Customer to Our Website. Order specifies the scope of work and other requirements of the Customer regarding the Product.


By submitting the Order and/or payment, You are purchasing the Product for Your personal, noncommercial use only. All Products are drafted by freelance writers who transferred all the rights and ownership regarding the Products to the Company.

You may find more detailed information about Our services on the page “Services”. It is Your obligation to read these Terms and Conditions and the page “Services” before submitting any Order and/or payment to this Website.

Please note that all the new clients must be authorized over the phone. Hence, You are obliged to provide Your correct phone number for the Company to be able to contact You. Otherwise, we reserve the right to refuse service.


The option “Save your money as credit” allows the money You paid on this Website to be saved in Your account for current and/or future purchases. Please note that the credit feature is optional. The money will be saved in Your account upon Your request/confirmation only. The credit money is not subject to refund.


The Products are refundable only in the cases stated in the “Money back guarantee” document. Please view it for additional information on this issue. Mind that if You live in the European Union and have paid VAT in the process of payment transaction, You do not receive it back with a refund. You get back only the money or the percent of the price stated in the “Prices” section of the Website. VAT is non-refundable. Please note that Discounts and Our Extras, such as TOP Writer, Abstract page, Plagiarism report, VIP customer service, are not subject to refunds either. Refund can be issued only to original source of payment.


The Products delivered to You are completely original. The full copyright to the Products and other materials delivered to You is retained by the Company and/or its affiliates and partners. The Client may use the Product for a limited time of 6 (six) months after the Order approval. Once this period ends, the Company shall regain exclusive rights to the delivered Product.

Your use of the delivered Products and other materials available from this Website is for Your personal, noncommercial use only. You shall not distribute, publish, transmit, modify, display or create derivative works from or exploit the Products and/or contents of this Website without the prior written consent of the Company. You shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Company for any and all unauthorized uses You may make of any material available from this Website. Any unauthorized use of the delivered Products and/or content of this Website may subject You to civil or criminal penalties.


You acknowledge that the Company reserves the right to cancel any agreement, contract or arrangement with any person who condones or attempts to pass plagiarized Product as original when asking for editing or proofreading. You also agree that any Product delivered by the Company may not be passed to third parties nor distributed in any way for payment or for any other purpose. You also acknowledge that if the Company suspects that the delivered Product has been distributed or has been used by You in any form of plagiarism, the Company reserves the right to refuse to carry out any further work and services for You and subject You to criminal or civil penalties.

You may not put Your name on the delivered Product. All Products and/or other written materials delivered to You are for research and/or reference only. We do not condone, encourage, or knowingly take part in plagiarism or any other acts of academic fraud or dishonesty. We strongly adhere to and abide by all copyright laws, and will not knowingly allow any Customer to commit plagiarism or violate copyright laws. You agree that any Product and/or other written material delivered to You is provided only as a model, example document for research use, and any text and/or ideas from Our document that You borrow, reference, refer to, or otherwise use in any way in Your own original paper must be properly cited and attributed to this Website.

Neither the Company, nor any of its affiliates and/or partners shall be liable for any unethical, inappropriate, illegal, or otherwise wrongful use of the Products and/or other written material received from Our Website. This includes plagiarism, lawsuits, poor grading, expulsion, academic probation, loss of scholarships/awards/grants/prizes/titles/positions, failure, suspension, or any other disciplinary or legal actions. The buyer of material from Our Website is solely responsible for any and all disciplinary actions arising from the improper, unethical, and/or illegal use of the material.

Plagiarism level that is regarded as acceptable by us is below 10%. In case the plagiarism level is higher, You have the right to ask for revision or refund. For additional information considering these issues, You are free to view Our Money back guarantee and Revision policy. Please mind that bibliographical references (in-text referencing and bibliography page at the end of the papers) and cliched phrases (idioms, standard phrases, connectors and other frequently used phrases) shall not be regarded as plagiarism and shall not be included in the plagiarism level calculation.


We guarantee that the paper’s plagiarism level is lower than 10% (not including bibliographical references and cliched phrases); that we follow all Your instructions; that we follow formatting requirements that You state; that we conduct the necessary research; that we comply with the formal standard English style.

We don’t guarantee any particular grade and You cannot ask for refund in case You received an unsatisfactory mark.


When You decide to place an Order or inquiry (quote) on the Website, You agree to fill in an online form. There, You will be asked to provide certain personal information necessary to perform the Order. The Company shall on no condition disclose the information to any third parties. For further reference, please view Our “Privacy Policy“.

Note that Your email address will be used to send You notifications considering the most important stages of Order fulfillment, such as clarification of any issues, unread messages and Order completion. Your email and telephone number may also be used for promotional and marketing purposes, to notify You of special offers and discounts, etc. If You choose “VIP customer service”, notifications will be sent to Your mobile device informing You of when the writer starts working on Your paper and when it is ready.

In the order form, there are four special features that You can choose: preferred writer, VIP customer service, Abstract page and Plagiarism report. In the “Preferred writer” field You can choose between four options: “Regular writer”, “TOP writer”, “My previous writer” and “Advanced regular writer”. Choosing the first option will not influence the price for Your order. By choosing it, You agree that one of our professional writers will work on Your order, but You don’t have the right to choose, which one of them will actually do it. If You choose “TOP writer”, one of our most experienced authors will work on Your order. In this case, the basic price of Your order, which is calculated on the basis of deadline, number of pages, academic level and type of writing, will increase as stated in the Prices section of this Website. If You choose the option “My previous writer”, You will have to specify the ID number of Your writer. If the previous writer You select happens to be one of our TOP Writers, the basic price of Your order will increase in the same way as if You were to choose the TOP Writer option. If Your writer is unavailable, we will assign another professional writer to work on Your order. You can also choose an “Advanced regular writer” to work on Your order. The feature is available for a smaller fee than the TOP Writer, and it will ensure a better result than “Regular writer”.

Another special feature that You can choose is “VIP customer service”. If You choose it, Your messages and requests will be processed in the first place and You will receive SMS notifications in the cases stated above. You are responsible for providing a valid telephone number, as otherwise we will not be able to render this kind of service. The price for this feature is stated in the Prices section of this Website.

If You choose the feature of Plagiarism report, a detailed report on the plagiarism level will be uploaded for You after You approve the case. A plagiarism report will be generated by the reliable system WebCheck. The price for this feature is stated in the Prices section of this Website.

If You want to add an Abstract page to Your paper, You should choose our last feature. If You don’t do it, You cannot request such a page to be written for You. The price is stated in the Prices section of this Website.

As soon as You complete the form, the price for Your Order will be calculated on the basis of deadline, type of work, academic level and the special features You choose. The deadline timer will start counting down only after You perform the payment.


Company’s charges for the services provided are shown on the Company’s Website. Please note that VAT is not included in the prices listed. It is charged to customers from the European Union only. It will be added to the cost of the order in the process of payment transaction. VAT is non-refundable.

If Customer requires a type of work that cannot be classified as a regular type of services provided on Company’s Website or if Customer requires the finished Product to be amended in a way that is inconsistent with the initial Order instructions, Company may set own rate for delivery of the Service.

A Customer is invited to pay for the Order in advance, given the Company is reasonably confident that it is able to allocate a freelance writer to deliver the Product. If payment in advance has been provided, but the Company was not able to allocate a freelance writer to deliver the work, a full refund of the payment made in advance will be provided. Other cases of refunds are described in the “Money back guarantee” document.


Upon completion, the Product is available for preview by the Customer in his/her personal account panel. If the work meets the Customer’s expectations, he/she can press the “Approve” button and download the completed work.

After the Customer presses the “Approve” button, he/she is allowed to ask for a free revision only within 7 days. If Your order exceeds 20 pages, You can request a free revision within 14 days after approval. For additional information, consult Our “Revision policy” document. After the Customer presses the “Approve” button, he/she is not able to ask for any refund.

If a Customer does not receive a finished Product by the deadline, he/she receives certain amount of refund. For further information on this question, view Our “Money back guarantee” document.

Company will not be liable for any delays or technical problems in delivery of the Product resulting from any malfunction of Customer’s mail-server or Customer’s Internet Service Provider.

Please note that You have 14 days to approve Your Order. Time for approval is calculated automatically from the moment the last version was uploaded to Your personal Order page. After the time has passed, the paper (or the part of the paper) is approved automatically.

After 7 days of the Order approval You will receive an email with an invitation to fill out a survey in Your personal control panel. There, You will have to assess the quality of the paper received, work of the writer and the Customer Support Representatives. This will help us to monitor Our quality better and improve Our service every day.


Free revisions are possible only in cases stated in the “Revision Policy“. Please view it for further information on this issue.


1. Payment terms and conditions

1.1. Upon Activation of the Referral Program or at least 4 days before the Payment Period, the Client has to submit the Beneficiary Info to the Account and have it authorized by Customer Support Representatives. In case the Beneficiary Info is not submitted within the stated time, the Company will process all payments on the next Payment Date.

1.2. You receive 10% of the total sum paid by Your Referrals. All transactions are listed in Your Statistics section. All Earnings can be used either to cover the cost of services at or they are summed up until they reach $100, after which earned money is paid on the nearest Payment Date of the current month. Please note that if You would like to make money withdrawal, You must notify our Customer Support Representatives at least 4 days before the Payment Date.

1.3. The Payment Date is between the 16th and the 20th of every month. The Company reserves the right to change Payment Dates due to sudden/unexpected circumstances/technical difficulties. In such cases, Clients will be notified via phone/email.

1.4. The Client has the right to choose the Payment Method that the Company will use for processing payments. We have the following Payment Methods available: PayPal, MoneyBookers, and Webmoney.

1.5. While participating in our Referral Program, the Client may not use email spam, web spam, including forums, social website spam or any other means of promoting the Program that may pose risks to the reputation of our Website. All emails must adhere to the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, and/or any laws or regulations that govern email marketing in your jurisdiction. The Client may not post referral discount codes to any coupon websites.

2. Termination of Referral Program

2.1. The Company has the right to initiate Termination of Referral Program immediately (by notifying the Client via email or phone) in the following cases:

2.1.1. Use of duplicate Accounts.

2.1.2. Any misuse of the Program, e.g., fraud, spam, etc.

2.2. The Client has the right to initiate Termination of Referral Program at any time if he/she doesn’t have any Referrals with pending Orders by notifying Customer Support Representatives via email or phone 10 days before the expected Termination.

2.3. In case of Termination of Account according to clause 2.1., the Company reserves the right to withhold the Client’s improperly collected funds.

2.4. In case of Termination of Account according to clause 2.2., all Referrals and Earnings will be thoroughly checked and payment will be released to the Client on the nearest Payment Date, unless any violations are determined.


For an explanation of the Company’s practices and policies related to the collection, use and storage of the online guests’ information, please read Our “Privacy Policy“.

We may use any contact information (emails and phone numbers) submitted to this Website for the purposes stated in the “Order placement” paragraph of this document. If You would like to opt out of emails and SMS notifications from Us, please let Us know by contacting us (Our contact information is displayed in the website sidebar). After We receive Your request, We will stop sending You messages immediately.


As outlined in the “Order Placement” section, We shall use Your email address and Your telephone number to send You notifications as well as promotional materials. By accepting these Terms of Use, You express Your explicit consent to receive notifications, advertisement and promotional materials.

For Your convenience, We shall adhere to the following basic rules of communication with You:

  • Our letters will always contain the sender’s information (such as the website name, physical address, and contact telephone number) and an unsubscribe link.
  • Our advertisement messages will always be clearly marked as advertising.
  • Our advertisement emails will always contain the sender’s physical address and a one-click unsubscribe link.
  • The sender information will be available for the minimum of 30 days since the information has been sent.
  • Occasionally, We may send advertisement messages to Your telephone number. You will always be able to opt out of such ads simply by replying with an SMS to the advertisement message.
  • All the complaints about any subscriptions as well as answers to our advertisement messages are processed without unreasonable delay.
  • You will not be charged for any feedback, complaint, opt-out answer, subscription cancellation request or for processing other complaints You may have.


By submitting the Order and/or payment, You acknowledge that You are in complete understanding and agreement with the statements above, as well as each of the following:

  • Any information and/or ideas used from the Product must be properly cited.
  • All Products are provided solely as examples for research, reference, and/or for You to learn how to properly write a paper in a particular citation style (MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian, Harvard, etc.).
  • All Products were acquired from freelance writers who transferred all the rights and ownership to the Company and/or its affiliates and partners.
  • You are in agreement that this Website is acquiring payment for the time and effort that goes into gathering, organizing, correcting, editing, posting, and delivering these reference materials and the maintenance, administration, and advertising of this Website for educational access.
  • Apart from a reasonable number of copies for personal, non-commercial use, You may not otherwise reproduce, distribute, publish, transmit, modify, display or create derivative works from or exploit the Products and/or contents of this Website without a prior written consent of the Company.
  • You agree to destroy all delivered Products immediately after Your research/reference use of the material is complete. No copies shall be made for distribution, and no parts of any Product shall be used without proper citation.
  • You shall not put Your name on the Product. Subject to these Terms of Use, You are provided with the Product for Your personal, non-commercial use only. You do not, however, acquire any moral or economic intellectual property rights.


You agree to release and hold the Company and its employees, officers, directors, shareholders, agents, representatives, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, promotion and fulfillment agencies, any third-party providers or sources of information or data and legal advisers (the “Company’s Affiliates”) harmless from any and all losses, damages, rights, claims, and actions of any kind arising from or related to the Products, including but not limited to: (a) telephone, electronic, hardware or software, network, Internet, email, or computer malfunctions, failures or difficulties of any kind; (b) failed, incomplete, garbled or delayed computer transmissions; (c) any condition caused by events beyond the control of the Company that may cause the Product to be delayed, disrupted, or corrupted; (d) any injuries, losses or damages of any kind arising in connection with or as a result of utilizing Our services; or (e) any printing or typographical errors in any materials associated with Our services. The Company shall not be liable to You in any of the cases listed below: 1) if You do not study the material the Product covers; 2) for Your final grade; 3) for any consequences and results of Your submission of the Product to any academic establishment. In addition, You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold the Company and Company’s Affiliates harmless from any claim, suit or demand, including attorney’s fees, made by a third party due to or arising out of Your utilizing of Our services, Your violation or breach of these Terms and Conditions, Your violation of any rights of a third party, or any other act or omission by You.


You acknowledge and agree that We may unilaterally change these Terms and Conditions. We suggest reviewing these Terms and Conditions from time to time as any such changes will be reflected in this section of Our Website.

Last updated on April 28, 2015.

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